Master Karen Pedersen

Congratulations are in order! WSU master’s student Karen Pedersen has successfully defended her thesis research on: LIMITATIONS OF HOST PLANT USE IN TWO ANDEAN ALTINOTE (NYMPHALIDAE, HELICONIINAE, ACRAEINI), BUTTERFLIES, FROM A TRITROPHIC PERSPECTIVE. In this research project, Karen tried to assess the determinants of host plant use in two co-occurring species of Altinote butterflies in Ecuador. Her research took place at Yanayacu Biological Station, and is an extension of our work there on plant-caterpillar-parasitoid interactions. Karen produced several short videos focused on her study system system that you can check out:

Catching Butterflies in Ecuador!!!

Egg to Adult in two Altinote butterflies

hyperparasitoid wasp easily overcomes caterpillar defenses

Finding a Host-Plant

Dysschema sp? caterpillar dances


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