Lab Meeting Schedule

Stireman & Cipollini lab meeting schedule Spring2015

(Thursdays 9:30 AM-10:30 AM, 104 BIO1)












Departmental Seminar Series

(Mondays, 1:25 PM-2:20 PM, 166 Rike Hall

Jan 12       Junichi Tasaki                     “Signaling cascades for blastema formation during planarian regeneration.”


Jan 19      UNIVERSITY CLOSED       —


Jan 26      Ike Northern                      TBA


Feb 2         Elizabeth Warning            TBA


Feb 9        Huey-Jen Lin                      “Aberrant signaling molecules regulate epigenomes and lead to a wide spectrum of malignant phenotypes.”


Feb 11*   Alice Ortmann                   “Linkages between microbial diversity (Bacteria, Archaea and viruses) and ecosystem function in aquatic ecosystems”


Feb 16    Chao Liang                          “Role of microbial communities in terrestrial biogeochemical cycles”


Feb 18*  Megan Rua                         “Environmental impact of host-microbe interactions”


Feb 23  Muhammad Saleem       “Tobacco and arabidopsis microbiome role in different multifunctional ecological traits”


Mar 2     UNIVERSITY CLOSED       —


Mar 9    Joel McManus                   “Long RNA structures and their related functions in gene regulation.”


Mar 16    Susan Hafenstein               “Picornavirus host entry intermediates – altered particles are not created equally.”


Mar 23    Emily Walter                       “Do college instructors have what they need? Exploring the relationship between departmental climate and individual teaching practices.”


Mar 30       Matthew Kirby        “Historical records of climate change as a calibration tool for assessing past climate states.”


Apr 6        Julio Vergara             “Excitation-contraction (EC) coupling process in mammalian skeletal muscle.”


Apr 13      Craig LaMunyon               “Control of sperm activation in C. elegans: developmental genetics reveals how sperm get their move on.”


Apr 20       Gregory Petsko          “Treatment or preventive therapy for major neurodegenerative diseases.”


*Denotes a Job Candidate Seminar held on a Wednesday instead of a Monday

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