Former Members of the StiremanLab

Postdoctoral Associates

Isaac Winkler

PhD University of Maryland

isw971 at

Interests: Phylogenetics and Evolution of Diptera (especially Agromyzidae, Empididae and, now, Tachinidae)

Graduate students

Z.L. “Kai” Burington – PhD student

M.S. Clemson University

keroplatus at

Interests: Insect systematics, Trichoptera (Caddis flies), Keroplatidae (predaceous fungus gnats), and Tachinidae

Check out Kai’s blog, Trichopterology!

Jeremy Heath – Ph.D. Wright State University Heath

Environmental Sciences Program

Thesis: Assessing the drivers of adaptive radiation in a complex of gall midges: A multitrophic perspective on ecological speciation

(Now a postdoc at North Carolina State University)

Jeff Brown – M.S.


Jeff Howell – M.S.

Thesis topic- Host location and host-associated divergence in parasitoids of the gall midge Asteromyia carbonifera

Now a Lab technician at U. Kentucky

Drew Sheaffer – M.S.

DrewPsylloid - Pachypsylla

Thesis topic-Parasitoid diversity and community structure in original and reconstructed prairies


Matt Duncan

Matt Duncan – MS. (see Matt’s flickr page)


Prosena siberita

Thesis topic- Determinants of host use in tachinid parasitoids (Diptera: Tachinidae) of stink bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in Southwest Ohio.

Karen Pedersen – M.S. Wright State University

Thesis topic: Tritrophic determinants of host plant use in Ecuadorian Altinote species (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)

Dan Davis – M.S. Wright State UniversityDanDavis

Thesis topic: A Structural phylogenetic framework of Tachinidae based on Molecular Data

(professor at Arizona Western College)

Julietta, Diego & Emma

Diego J. Inclan – M.S. Wright State University

Thesis: Revision of the Genus Erythromelana Townsend, 1919 (Diptera: Tachinidae) with notes on their phylogeny and diversification

Julietta Granados Chaves – Research Assistant

Brenda Wells- M.S. Wright State University

Thesis: Ecological Speciation in a Multi-Trophic Complex: Gall Midges, Goldenrods, and Parasitoids

Annie Doyle – M.S. Wright State University

Thesis: Effects of Forest Fragmentation and Honeysuckle Invasion on Forest Lepidoptera in Southwest Ohio

Kristina Solch – Nonthesis M.S., Wright State University

Currently in the College of Veterinary Medicine, Ohio State University

Hilary Devlin (Research Technician) M. Phil. University of St. Andrews

Tiffany Brown – Masters student

Thesis topic: The role of parasitoids in the sympatric divergence of the goldenrod gall midge, Asteromyia carbonifera


Seth Jenkins – Masters Studen

Undergraduate Students

Sarah Workman – Research volunteer (Colonization of invasive shrubs by native insect herbivores)

Jess Liles – Undergraduate Research Technician

Alia Eckhardt – undergraduate research assistant and REU recipient


Beth Stayrook – Undergraduate research assistant

  • Heidi Schneck (2011-2012) “DNA barcoding of tropical parasitic flies”
  • Caleb Dukeman (2010-2011) Biology Honors student:  “Molecular identification of parasitic flies (Tachinidae) in the Ecuadorian Andes and their association with Lepidoptera hosts”
  • Bridgett Severt (2011) – “Phylogeny and evolution of tachinid flies”
  • Todd England (2010)– “A survey of insect diversity on Ash trees”
  • Kelsey Fultz (2010) – “AFLP analysis of Chalcidoid wasps”, currently a PhD student at Ohio State
  • Eric Woebbe (2010) – “Evolutionary ecology of ambrosia gall midges”, currently a MS student at Wright State
  • Chris Bayes (2010) – “Evolutionary ecology of ambrosia gall midges”
  • Kirsten Ulrich (2010) – “Evolutionary ecology of ambrosia gall midges”
  • Benjamin Doane (2009-2010)– “Ant diversity and resource use in the WSU woods.”
  • Hilary Allen (2008-2009) Biology Honors student: “Genetic structure within Hyphantria cunea in relation to host-plant preference and geography”
  • Seth Jenkins (2008) – subsequently joined the Stirelab as an MS student
  • Patrick McAfee (2007-2008)- “Forest Lepidoptera of Ohio and their response to habitat fragmentation.”
  • Brenda Wells (2007) – subsequently joined the Stirelab as an MS student – see above
  • Katie Selhorst (2007) – Dayton Metroparks internship student
  • Sarah Hill (2007) – “Evolutionary ecology of ambrosia gall midges”
  • Jenny Philips (2007) – “Evolutionary ecology of ambrosia gall midges”
  • Jason Ison (2006) – “Ants of the Wright State Woods”
  • Anne Royer (2005-2006) – currently a graduate student at Michigan State University

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