Lab members

Principal Investigator:   John O. Stireman III – Associate Professor

John.stireman at

Current Graduate students

Juan Manuel Perilla-Lopez – PhD student

JM Perilla-Lopez

M.S. South Dakota State University

Interests: Insect systematics and ecology, agronomy, Tachinidae, Cecidomyiidae (gall midges) and their hymenopteran parasitoids

Ari Zakroff – Master’s Student

Interests: Ecology, e.g. tritrophic interactions (e.g., the interplay between plants, insect herbivores, and parasitoids).  Impacts of anthropogenic change, such as rising global temperatures and invasive species introductions, on trophic interactions.

Undergraduate Students

Adam Foster – Research volunteer (Diversity and community patterns of native bees)

Marvena Fahmy – Research volunteer (Ladybird beetles)

Joe Wilson – Research volunteer (Robberflies)

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  1. Jeff Boettner says:

    Hi John,
    We have a PhD student working on winter moth and we have samples of Cyzenis from Europe, Nova Scotia, British Columbia and from Bruce spanworm in MA. Wondering what primers to use, can you suggest one of your papers that has the current primers you are using?

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