Lab members

Principal Investigator:   John O. Stireman III – Associate Professor

John.stireman at

Graduate students

Z.L. “Kai” Burington – PhD student

M.S. Clemson University

keroplatus at

Interests: Insect systematics, Trichoptera (Caddis flies), Keroplatidae (predaceous fungus gnats), and Tachinidae

Check out Kai’s blog, Trichopterology!

Jeff Howell – Masters student

Thesis topic- Host location and host-associated divergence in parasitoids of the gall midge Asteromyia carbonifera

Drew Sheaffer – Masters student

DrewPsylloid - Pachypsylla

Thesis topic-Parasitoid diversity and community structure in original and reconstructed prairies


Matt Duncan

Matt Duncan – Master’s Student (see Matt’s flickr page)


Prosena siberita

Thesis topic-Behavioral ecology and population genetics of phasiine parasitoids in Ohio.

Undergraduate Students

Alia Eckhardt – undergraduate research assistant and REU recipient


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