Lab Meeting Schedule

Stireman & Cipollini lab meeting schedule Spring 2014

(9:30 AM-10:30 AM, 262 Diggs)

Feb 7 Professional Development Workshop (send CV’s to Chad by Feb.6)
Feb 21 Chad/Don (Theresa Barosh Prospective PhD student, time 11:00am- 12:00pm)
Mar 14 Kai
Mar 21 tentative – Isaac (Acalyptrate flies)
Mar 28 Sam
Apr 11 Jeff
Apr 25 Karen

Other Notable Upcoming Events
Jan 27  Monday Departmental  Seminar (John Lill, “Tritrophic interactions and the evolution of diet breadth in generalist herbivores” )
Jan 29 Eco seminar on what search committees are looking in Faculty Searches (Lynn Hartzler)
Feb 1 Abstract  deadline for Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference at U. dayton
Mar 1-2 Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference
Mar 25 Carmichael Lecture with Mary Power.
Apr 7 Monday Departmental Seminar – Daniel Ballhorn – Microbial mutualisms and plant defense

Departmental Seminar Schedule

Biology Department seminar schedule for Spring 2014 (all seminars will be held in RH 158):

Date               Speaker                         Affiliation             Host                           Title

Jan 13            James Sikes                  Univ. S.F.               Rouhana

Jan 20            XXX                               MLK, university closed

Jan 27            John Lill                         GWU                      Stireman

Feb 3              Nick Fischelli                NPS                        Rooney                  Climate means, extremes, and wildcards: impacts to temperate-boreal forests

Feb 10            Alok Sharma                                Case Western       Bubulya                                Calcium-mediated epigenetic regulation of alternative splicing in cardiomyocytes

Feb 17            TJ Cradick                    G.I.T.                      Excoffon

Feb 24            Jordan Renna               U Akron                 Hartzler                 Melanopsin ganglion cells:  key players in visual system development

Mar  3            XXX                               Spring break, university closed

Mar 10           Mavis Agbandje-McKenna U FL             Excoffon               Structural studies of AAV towards overcoming hurdles to therapeutic gene delivery

Mar 17           Eve Marder   Brandeis U                            Hartzler                 Temperature Effects on Modulation of Neural Networks (co-hosted by the Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology)

Mar 24           Sami Barmada            U. Michigan          Ju                            Mechanisms of disease and therapy development in neuronal models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Mar 31           Walt Carson                 Univ. Pitt.              Rooney

Apr 7              Dan Ballhorn                Portland St.           Cipollini

Apr 14            Sammy Kariuki           Nat. Conserv.       Schieltz                  Modern Wildlife Conservation in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

Apr 21            Tom Watters                                OSU                        Vadeboncoeur

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